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The Leadership Development Course conducted by The Girls’ Brigade Queensland is all about personal challenge and providing opportunities for participants to develop/improve skills and practices that enhance their ability to be effective Christian leaders in Brigade and their community. 


Each activity/session has been included in the Course program as part of recognising the GB aim: To help girls become followers of the Lord Jesus Christ and through self-control, reverence and a sense of responsibility to find true enrichment of life.


'Leadership' (as the Course has become known) is highly regarded by participants, their parents and their Brigade Companies, and in the wider community by Churches, Church leaders and employers.

Key Elements
  • Creation of a climate that encourages stimulation of personal growth and development

  • Servant Leadership

  • Group/team building and working

  • Challenge – spiritual, physical, social, personal

  • Development of leadership and practical skills

  • Course staff as role models

  • Fun!


  • Participants are assigned to groups of approx. eight with a permanent Group Facilitator. Most participants have not met before the Course and generally participants from the same company will be split up.

  • Focuses on ‘Who am I’, exploring personality and leadership styles, and development of leadership skills (including communication, problem solving and decision making).

  • Concentrates overall on working together in a group and developing some understanding of teamwork and group dynamics.

  • Participants undertake a short journey and overnight campout, as part of the development of teamwork.

  • Eight days duration (Sunday to Sunday).


  • Builds on the Stage 1 experience and focuses on ‘Who am I in God’, personal decision making, future planning and relationships. 

  • Major activity is a three-day/night campout which is undertaken alone. 

  • Encourages the participant to look outwards beyond herself to see her place and ministry in her community.

  • Pre-requisite: Completion of Stage 1

  • Nine days duration (Saturday to Sunday).


  • Builds on the content, relational and spiritual aspects of the previous stages.

  • Focuses on ‘Who am I in the World’.

  • Encourages participants to develop an understanding of their purpose in God and his world, by providing opportunities to experience community living, peer mentoring and self-reflection, spiritual formation, and corporate prayer.

  • Pre-requisite: Completion of Stage 2

  • Nine days duration (Saturday to Sunday).

"I think I have grown spiritually this week and I really want to focus on God more in my daily life.  I think I sometimes need to stop and listen more and the Course has helped me to do that.”

— Stage 1 Participant

"A week with others from around Australia, encountering God, growth and new friendships through challenges, amazing sessions, the best worship sessions and close proximity with God and other young women."

— Stage 2 Participant

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