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The Leadership Development Course is a ministry of Girls' Brigade Queensland Inc. 



Young women transformed by Christ, empowered and equipped to live authentic, influential lives.

Three ‘stages’ or phases of development

Stage 1 – Who am I?

Stage 2 – Who am I in God?

Stage 3 – Who am I in the world?

Key learning areas addressed across the all ‘stages’

  • Spiritual Development

  • Servant Leadership

  • Group dynamics

  • Relationships

  • Personal development

  • Womanhood

For more information on the three stages of Leadership, please go to the About page. 

Further general information about the Leadership Development Course is in these two documents: 

Registration Process

Participants who are interested in attending Stage 1 can register for Leadership 2024 here.

Stage 2 and 3 participants will receive an email invitation to register.

Once we have received the registration, an application form will be sent from Operoo, Girls' Brigade Australia's health and safety information management system. 

​Please complete the Operoo application form as soon as possible and pay the non-refundable deposit of $200 to hold your place on the Course.

A separate payment form will also be sent through Operoo for the remainder of the payment which must be paid by 30 August 2024.

Please read the other information on this page, and if you have any queries in relation to the Course, please contact the Leadership team on

Rego Process

Important Dates for 2024

  • May - Stage 1 applications open

  • May - Stage 2 and 3 invitations sent out

  • May - Information sent out to Captains, Regional and State Representatives

  • Friday, 26 July - Stage 2 and 3 applications close

  • August - Stage 2 and 3 pre-Course meeting (see details below)

  • Friday, 23 August - Stage 1 applications close

  • Friday, 30 August - All fees for Leadership 2024 to be paid 

  • Friday, 13 September - Participants arriving by plane fly in; all staff arrive 

  • Saturday, 14 September - 1pm - ALL Participants arrive at Camp Somerset

  • Sunday, 22 September

    • Closing Service - 10.30am to 12noon - parents, GB community and friends welcome

    • Participants depart from Camp Somerset

    • 4pm - Earliest time for flights out of Brisbane

  • [TBC] - Leadership 2024 Reunion​

Important Dates

Travel Information

​We know some participants travel long distances to Leadership. For those who fly in, we can assist with transportation between Brisbane Airport and the Leadership Course (campsite is approx 130km from Brisbane Airport).


If this option is required, please endeavour to book per the flight times below. Please contact the Leadership team before booking flights, if flights outside of these times are required to see if we can still assist with transport.

Flights for all three stages to arrive at Brisbane Airport between

2pm and 6pm, Friday, 13 September 2024

Flights to depart from Brisbane Airport no earlier than

4pm, Sunday, 22 September 2024

Please communicate and confirm flight arrangements to the Leadership team (

by 26 August 2024 so we can assist with transport to the campsite.  

There will also be an Operoo form to complete with travel details and to pay the transfer fee of $10 each way to help cover petrol costs of the volunteers who assist with this service.

Where possible, we ask travellers to make their own arrangements if additional overnight accommodation is required.

Travel Info

Course Fees

For Leadership 2024 the cost is $550.  The fee includes ​all meals, accommodation, activities, tshirt and manual.

A non-refundable deposit of $200 is payable when completing the Operoo registration form to hold your place on the Course. 

The remainder of the Course fee is payable by 30 August 2024

We aim to keep the cost of Leadership as low as possible to ensure it is accessible to all participants. Participants should speak with their Captain, Youth Group Leader or Church to assist with Course fees. Participants can also investigate opportunities for grants through their local council or State parliament members, or organise a fundraising activity with their Company.  There are also GB Memorial Funds that GB Qld members can apply through. 

If participants are flying into Brisbane and require transport to the campsite, there will be a fee of $10 each way to help cover petrol costs of the volunteers who assist with this service. See Travel Information above.

Course Fees

Pre-Course Meeting

Stage 2 and 3 participants are required to attend a pre-Course meeting to meet with their Stage facilitators, work through preparation material and receive guidance on the pre-Course journalling tasks. 

The pre-Course meeting will be held on: 

a date in August 2024 to be advised 

All participants should make themselves available for the pre-Course meeting as it is a commitment of completing the Stage. 

Pre-Course Meeting

What To Bring

Participants will need to bring all required items with them for the relevant Stage of the Course.


Please read the list completely and follow the instructions at the bottom of the list if you need assistance with any of the packing items. 


Stage 1 - What to Bring


Stage 2 - What to Bring

Stage 3 - What to Bring


What to Bring

Operoo / Dietary

Girls’ Brigade Australia has adopted a health and safety information management system called Operoo.


We will be using Operoo in the best interests of all participants whilst proactively fulfilling our duty of care and risk management responsibilities.  

It provides you the opportunity to update medical information promptly and accurately, while providing Girls’ Brigade with instant access to the information provided by you in an emergency.  All medical and dietary details can be kept up to date in Operoo at any time during the year.

When entering dietary information, ensure it is entered under the dietary information section so it is captured in our meal planning.  For example, if there is a peanut allergy, it should be entered in the allergy section and also under the dietary information.

Please ensure dietary information is entered correctly and accurately and is up to date according to your daughter's needs.

Please ensure that Medicare card details are up to date. 

Operoo / Dietary


Leadership is held at Camp Somerset located at

1180 Stanley Pocket Road

Crossdale  QLD  4312

Participants will stay in ensuited cabins with their group members. 

All Leadership activities are undertaken on site at Camp Somerset including campouts, high and low ropes course, swimming pool, orienteering and outdoor problem solving. 

The campsite is 130km from the Brisbane Airport and depending on traffic takes approximately 1 hour 40 minutes.

Directions to the campsite can be found here​


Last Updated: 12 May 2024
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